Fall 2023

PHIL 105: Reason and Argument

Past courses

PHIL 212/PHIL 412: Probability, Inference, and Decision

PHIL 242/PHIL 242W/PHIL 442: Metaphysics

PHIL 216/PHIL 416/MATH 216: Mathematical Logic

PHIL 516: Graduate Seminar on Hyperintensionality

PHIL 214/PHIL 414: Logical Methods in Philosophy

PHIL 218/PHIL 418: Philosophy of Mathematics

PHIL 215/PHIL 415/MATH 225: Intermediate Logic

PHIL 300: Seminar for Majors on Analyticity

PHIL 105: Reason and Argument

PHIL 97: Sophomore Tutorial on Analyticity (at Harvard University)

Instructor for the Pre-College Summer Seminar, Experiencing Civic Life

Please feel free to email me for syllabi.

Argument mapping software

Prototype developed in collaboration with the Digital Scholarship Lab at the University of Rochester (instructions for use here). Please feel free to use and share feedback!