Fall 2021

PHIL 105: Reason and Argument

PHIL 212/PHIL 412: Probability, Inference, and Decision

Past courses

PHIL 242/PHIL 242W/PHIL 442: Metaphysics

PHIL 216/PHIL 416/MATH 216: Mathematical Logic

PHIL 516: Graduate Seminar on Hyperintensionality

PHIL 214/PHIL 414: Logical Methods in Philosophy

PHIL 218/PHIL 418: Philosophy of Mathematics

PHIL 215/PHIL 415/MATH 225: Intermediate Logic

PHIL 300: Seminar for Majors on Analyticity

PHIL 105: Reason and Argument

PHIL 97: Sophomore Tutorial on Analyticity (at Harvard University)

Instructor for the Pre-College Summer Seminar, Experiencing Civic Life

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